Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Show me what you got... Scum & Villainy Edition!

Last up, the Scum & Villainy ships!

The fleet:
 Bossks' YV-666 Hound's Tooth:
 Alternate angle:
 Boba Fett's Slave 1:
 Head-on angle:
 Final view:
 Dengar's Jumpaster 5000 - the Punishing One:
 Alternate view:
 Zuckuss and 4-LOM's ship, the Mist Hunter:
 A bit of an oddity this one:
 The Protectorate Starfighter:
 A little bit Buck Rogers, a really good looking ship:
 The Most Wanted repaint of the venerable Y-Wing:
 Head-on view:
 The Most Wanted repaint of the Z-95 headhunter:
 The two Black Sun Z-95's together:
 The last ship, the Scyk Starfighter:
 Finally the head-on view:
That concludes my little run through of some of the X-Wing miniatures starships!

They are far better painted than the Attack Wing ships, that is obvious.  The quality of the FFG miniatures is outstanding...

Show me what you got... Imperial Edition!

Same time as before, this time for the Imperials!

Firstly a shot of the full fleet:
 Another angle:
 The basic TIE-Fighter:
 Alternate view:
 Heroes of the Empire:
 Vader's TIE-Advanced:
 The Inquisitor's TIE-Advanced Prototype:
 Head on view:
 The TIE-Phantom, from Rebel Assault II:
 Easily my favourite TIE variant:
 From Rogue One, the TIE-Striker:
 Wings straight:
 Wings raised:
 Wings lowered:
 From the Force Awakens, the TIE/FO:
 Alternate view:
 The two together:
 The standard retail TIE-Bomber:
 The Imperial Veterans repaint of the TIE-Bomber (I really like this repaint):
 The two together:
 Head on view:
 The TIE-Interceptor from the 181st - this is the Imperial Aces repaint:
 Head-on view:
 The Imperial Guard TIE-Interceptor from Imperial Aces:
 Head-on view:
 The two side-by-side:
 The standard retail expansion TIE-Defender:
 Head-on view:
 The repaint of the TIE-Defender from Imperial Veterans:
 Finally the two Defenders together:
Next up, Scum & Villainy!

Show me what you got... Rebel Edition!

Hello there!

This is just a quick showcase of some X-Wing miniatures, first up - the Rebels!

A quick shot of the full fleet:

 The standard A-Wing from the retail expansion:
 Another view:
 The A-Wing repaint from the Rebel Aces set:
 The two side-by-side:
 The standard B-Wing from the retail expansion:
 The Rebel Aces repaint:
 The eponymous X-Wing itself:
 Alternate view:
 The squadron:
 The Y-Wings, the workhorse of the Rebel fleet:
 Gold Squadron, led by "Dutch":
 The E-Wing:
 Looks a bit like a Battlestar Galactica Viper:
 The old Z-95 Headhunter:
 The new T-70 X-Wing from the Force Awakens:
 Alternate view:
 Straight out of the clone wars, the spectacular Arc-170:
 The paint-job on this miniature is excellent:
 Easily the best of the prequel ships, re-used by the Rebels in limited numbers:
 Good from every angle:
 The Rebel U-Wing, from Rogue One:
 Wings open:
 Another view:
 Closed from the front:
 Dash Rendar's Outrider, a Corellian YT-2400:
 Probably my favourite EU or Legends starship:
 The Falcon:
 This is the first release, not the Force Awakens repaint:
 Finally the Moldy Crow, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors ship:
 Really nice looking ship, bit limited within the game though:
Thanks for having a look, next up Imperials!